Your Superhero Journey: Power vs. Influence

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Today I want to talk to you about the Superpower of Influence. Oftentimes, we think of power as something that is physical, almost violent, with destructive ways. It can manifest itself in constructive ways, but we often associate power with power over somebody. Or we think that somebody who is powerful is big, strong, brawny. A powerful smell can overwhelm us. A power that overwhelms is not always good power. In fact, sometimes it’s not even real power. Sometimes it’s a form of bullying. Sometimes it’s a form of the incorrect usage of power.

There is a Superpower of Influence. We know characters in fiction, sci-fi, and comics that have the ability to emanate a feeling of calmness or acceptance. Think of Obi Wan from Star Wars, and his capability of making people ignore things with a wave of his hand. This is being able to influence people with your energy, your being, who you are.

Perhaps you have the Superpower of Influence. Perhaps you know when you go into a situation, that you can calm the troubled waters. You can bring clarity out of mud. It is a powerful kind of Superpower, because it’s a very passive yet truly powerful kind of Superpower.

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