Your Superhero Journey: Love

Recently, I had the honor of speaking and teaching at Kid Labs in Utah. It was a beautifully decorated space, full of street-inspired art. In this video, I’m standing in front of the word “Amore,” which means “love” in Italian.

Watch the video blog here:

Ah, the power of love! It truly is a Superhero’s power. When you can stand in love—in unconditional, nonjudgemental love—or in a place I call divine love, you can overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Love is the greatest power on the planet. Some people think that hate or bigotry are the biggest powers, but that’s untrue. Hate happens when love has been displaced; hate and anger happen at the loss of love or life. Hate comes from fear and ignorance, from a place of desperation and unresolved issues within.

Love truly does conquer all. Love—used not as a weapon, but as a guiding light and support, to help you and those you love—is one of your greatest Superpowers.  

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