When Does One Become a Sheeple?

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

or those of you who don’t know how to answer this question because you don’t know what a sheeple is, let’s start with a definition.

According to Wikipedia “sheeple refers to people who tend to accept and follow everything at face value”, especially if it is cited in mainstream media.  It was first found in usage as early as the 1950’s and is considered an American created term.

I think sheeple in this country have reached an all time high; reaching far beyond simply accepting at face value what is said in mainstream media. 

The creating, maintaining, and herding of sheeple has become the driving force of many of our major players in our country today.  In any given moment, the group who has brainwashed the most people are winning.

The need to belong, to be an insider of some group or club, speaks poorly of a country that was founded by rebels who challenged the status quo and who, as individuals, questioned what was right, fair and just.

The more the “us” and “them” mentalities prevail, the easier it is for the major players to recruit people.

            Who are these major players?