The Energy Crisis is an Inside Job

Hello everyone! I want to welcome Patrick Durkin to the Behind the Curtain blog. Patrick is one of our fantastic affiliates and I convinced him to share some of his passion, his wisdom, and his business with you.

While there are many words that could be written about how the energy crisis in the world is controlled by cartels, politicians, and Illuminati the energy crisis we are talking about here is the one you are responsible for. That’s right. There is an energy crisis in people’s bodies, and it is a silent pandemic.

We are energetic beings living in a vibrational world. While many people are waking up to this concept and beginning to choose new ways of living, it is still such a new concept that my Microsoft Word Spell Checker is telling me that “vibrational” isn’t even a word (yet). Well, phooey to that! Life experience has taught me that I am energy and my life is much more satisfying when I focus on my vibration that when I try to steer by using the traditional metrics defined by common sense and the “normal” way of doing things.

Energy Give and Take

Speaking in simple terms, some things that I do in my life give me energy while others feel like they drain me. For example, my plan for this morning includes being grateful as my feet reach the floor that I have the privilege of living another day, blessing and drinking the water I set by the bed before I went to sleep, writing passionate thoughts that have come to  me as I slept, refreshing my body with a walk on the beach, feeling the peace and calm that comes from being in nature, stoking my wood-stove and adding wood that came from trees that I cut and split myself, eating organic fruit, and then settling into some phone time sharing my mission and purpose in the world.

All of these wonderful practices bring me energy and help me to cultivate an inner sense of strength and joy. They are a startling contrast compared to the life I was living 10 years ago.

I used to wake up with fear in my heart. Not every day, but most I’d get out of bed feeling like I was already behind. I would quickly check my computer to see what the global stock markets had been doing overnight. I would scoot out the door for a quick run with my legs pounding down the street trying to relieve the stress in my body. Paying little attention to much of anything other than my drive to make money, I would scoot past my family and out the door to the office. While jogging was certainly a good habit, heading to the woods and finding some soft ground, whistling birds, and flowing trees certainly would’ve made a difference – but I told myself “I didn’t have time.” In my version of living in the corporate world, I was constantly striving for more and thinking I hadn’t done enough. When I did slow down, my activities often consumed my energy rather than reinvigorating it. Drinking alcohol, visiting the mall, watching television and struggling to keep up with my perceptions of my neighbors all left me tired and drained.

Today,I spend almost all of my time doing things that give me energy. The shift was a gradual one and some behaviors made a bigger difference than others. The most fulfilling ones are those that have seemed to emerge from my heart rather than my head. For example, I could never have imagined 10 years ago the absolute joy I would feel from working barefoot in my garden. I’ve got this pretty cool deal going with the earth. On the occasions where my head swirls with thoughts, I head out to my garden and say a familiar refrain: “Ok, you remember the deal now, I’ll work your soil and create beauty here, you take my thoughts and restore peace to my head.” It works every time. To me, I think of that as an energy exchange that really works. Nobody else can see it and the best part is that that part of the equation doesn’t matter to me a bit. What matters to me is building my inner strength and having the energy to face what is in front of me.

The surprising thing to me as a person who believes we are energetic beings is how disconnected most of us are from the energy in our bodies, and I trace this back to our basic building blocks. Like cars that rely primarily on gas and oil to motor about, our bodies rely on food and water. While there is enormous focus on the food portion of the equation, the water may actually be more important. Have you ever considered importance by thinking about how long you could live without something? Without air, most people would die in about 4 minutes; water, 3 days; sleep, a week; and food, about a month. On this criteria water seems a lot more important than the emphasis we place on it.

The Missing Piece: Water is Energy

I am a passionate student of drinking water and the impact it has on the human body and I am committed to teaching people about something I unearthed along my journey. It starts with the idea that not all water is the same. Do you want your body to be made from toilet water? Tap water? How about rain? Poland Springs? Aquafina? How do you choose? Would you drink water from a local lake? How about the ocean? There are many different types of water out there and you may be making very important choices without much awareness.

Most conversations about drinking water focus on chemistry. While some people drink from tap or plastic bottle without giving it much thought, these days there is a heightened awareness about toxins in the environment and many people choose water filters. These filters adjust the chemistry of water reducing or removing the minerals as well as some toxins. As a solvent, water carries lots of things in it and various products are offered saying that have found the perfect mix.

This paradigm leaves people confused and dehydrated because it misses the most essential property of water: Water is Energy.

Rustom Roy, the famous materials scientist who held professorships at Arizona State University, University of Arizona and Pennsylvania State University said:

“Structures change properties vastly more easily and dramatically than chemistry changes them.”

The wisdom to be taken from his lifetime of research and knowledge is the structure of our water has more to do with its properties than the chemistry. Think of it like coal and diamonds. Both are made of carbon and yet they have very different properties because of their structure.

Based on the simple notion that spinning water over special geometric patterns causes the water to have more energy, structured water is changing the way the world distributes and consumes water.

The following image shows the energy of water measured with a Gas Discharge Visualization Meter:

gas discharge meter

What you are seeing is that passing water through a simple device restores energy to the water. When water is enlivened in this way, its properties are probably beyond anything you have ever considered.

When you give structured water to kids, they get it right away. Pets, not even a second of hesitation. Even plants have been shown to have a 27-44% increase in biomass. Now, take a look at this image:

structured water

On the left is the baseline energy field of a person. On the right, the same person after drinking a glass of structured water. Every person who drinks structured waters shows an increase in their biofield energy with percentage increases ranging from 10 to 44%.

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We all want more energy in our bodies and there are many ways to cultivate it. You can avoid energy depleting behaviors, like going to the mall and watching television and spend more time in nature and doing things you love, but the one thing that is related to everything else is the water you drink.

You are made of water as is the universe we live in. It is time to get back to basics and recognize that something as simple as structuring your water may give you the energy you crave.

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Patrick DurkinFounder of the Wellness Enterprise

Patrick has spent more on water filtration than most people spend on their cars. But well beyond water filtration he has identified the true value and power of water as being a core source of energy for the entire human race. True story.

Like so many people, Patrick grew up believing materialism would lead to fulfillment in life. As a financial advisor, he experienced the fruits of his labor making over $1 million in a year and building his dream house by age of 31. Health challenges spurred him to awaken to the deeper mysteries of life which he pursued with commitment and dedication. After a 7 year healing journey, he traded in his career, dream house and even marriage in pursuit of a more fulfilling lifestyle. Patrick is the founder of The Wellness Enterprise which helps others to transform themselves and their relationship to the planet. His passion is healing the world’s drinking water as he believes there is nothing more essential to life than the very water we are made of.


Also published in Organic Life Magazine.