Spirituality of Politics

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Oftentimes spiritual people have the idea that somehow politics are beneath them.  That by the fact that they are spiritual they are “above” getting their hands dirty with things like politics. I have long been opposed to that perspective.  And now it seems as if times are changing.  Finally Thank God/dess Allah, Buddha, and The Great Pumpkin!     First are those people who are a big Marianne Williamson fans, or who may have changed their mind since her running for President. She has brought at least some spiritual language and perspectives into the debate arena. Other people have grown tired of having their rights curtailed and treated like second class citizens by the political machine which is directly fueled by the bully pulpit of the fringe (i.e.: nutjobs) Christian cult religions (disclaimer this in no way demonizing all of Christianity). The tolerance for political bullshit has been reached through the shenanigans of the current administration and antics of the Senate.  For whatever reason I am hearing fewer “spiritual” people being above politics, as it should be.

So now what are the Spiritual reasons for massively dysfunctional government and political system we are being tortured by?

First: America has been a country that has long standing history of hypocrisy and double standards. Our founding fathers had to negotiate away the abolishing of slavery in order to get the Declaration of Independence signed. They recognized the damage that religions mixed into politics could do and made one of the founding principles be the separation of church and state. So, we declared all men are created equal, but allowed slavery to continue. Kept women as lesser citizens and treated the Native Americans horribly. We have had a wound in our consciousness since the day of our birth as a nation.

Second: That wound was repeatedly added to right up to today. Every time we have gotten an influx of immigrants, we have shown our underbelly.  We have given them ugly names and treated them poorly.   We continued to bully and keep disenfranchised our people of color, our women, and our people with non-traditional values, beliefs, and sexual orientations.

Third: We allowed too much unchecked power to infiltrate our government. We have given bully pulpits and positions of power to racists, misogynist, homophobes, and cultish (most if not all Christian) religions, doing exactly what our founding fathers did not want us to do, make this a Christian nation. (Again, this is not pointed at all Christians, but you must admit the loudest and most active Christians are the bully Christians preaching messages of hate and bigotry.). To allow people like McCarthy, Trump, and the McConnell, to be obstructionist, divisive, bullying influences to serve a private agenda or a small group of people.

Fourth: The takeover of our political leaders through their addiction to power and greed, by corporations, organizations, and other lobbyist-based groups. These politicians end up no longer being accountable to the people but owned by the lobbyists.

Fifth: Laws, rules, and regulations that profit the lobbyist and the wealthy at the cost of middle and lower classes. Whose overall quality of life sinks as the wealthy and powerful end up having more of both.

Sixth: The explosion of a media that systemically since the 50’s has done its best to destroy the self-esteem and self-worth of the American People.  Just so they could sell them things, create needs to be filled, and began the homogenization of the American people.

Seventh: What has been created are large numbers of apathetic sheeple, individuals that can only choose sides and repeat. They have dull critical thinking skills and need the organizations to define them and tell them what to think.

So, here we are, now what can we do?

We need to recognize that as Mayor Pete ( www.peteforamerica.com) says, “For someone like Trump to even get within cheating distance of the White House, we already were a country in trouble”.  Just like the body is the repository for our spiritual, mental, and emotional imbalances, so is our government the repository for the spiritual, mental, and emotional illnesses of its people. And just like a body gets sick, so does a country. We have lost our moral compass (not in a judgmental bigoted way) but in an apathetic and depressed way. As spiritual people it is our jobs to bring light and healing into this country through loving illuminations of its dark side. Recognizing it as being sick and taking the daily actions to make it well.  And yes, those actions include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: meditation, affirmation, sending of Healing energies, supporting candidates who you truly see as having a healing vision, volunteer, speak out, and act. When a person is sick yes you do energy work, but you also hydrate, right? Let us all get together and hydrate some love, light, and healing through our actions before this patient becomes terminal, shall we?