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To say I’ve been actively working on building my psychic gifts since I was 4 years old might sound like a ‘humble brag’, but it’s not as uncommon as most folks might think. A lot of people have natural psychic and spiritual gifts that end up repressed and, over time, get snuffed out. I had the good fortune of learning from my grandmother at an early age that my gifts are something to be celebrated and nurtured.

Now it’s my turn to empower others so they may celebrate their gifts. And the first step to empowerment is healing.

My professional background as a Spiritual Catalyst ‘formally’ began in the late 1970s when I started working as a professional psychic, medical intuitive, and hands on healer. I was studying astrology, tarot, and natural medicine. I later put the spiritual aspects of myself on the backburner as I pursued more traditional forms of employment. But, as the kids these days would say, me and ‘traditional’ don’t really vibe. After over a dozen years of climbing corporate ladders and using my psychic abilities in secret, I returned to the place where it all began, the place within, and continued to develop my abilities by exploring both eastern and western philosophies and healing systems.

Empowering individuals through spiritual healing and psychic development

As a Spiritual Catalyst, I have helped numerous individuals tap into their own spiritual potential, explore their inner selves, and tend to hidden or neglected wounds. Everyone’s journey is unique, and I use my diverse range of expertise to craft a map that’s equally unique to help guide them along. By combining practices such as psychic readings, mediumship, medical intuition, trance channeling, and past life healing work, I help individuals feel empowered to lead more fulfilling lives. That can look like-
  • Developing psychic and spiritual gifts
  • Growing, graduating, and integrating your inner child
  • Healing from childhood trauma
  • Ancestral healing

By working with all four bodies -physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual- together we can discover and develop the tools you need to heal, grow, and succeed. Isn’t it time to begin your healing journey?

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