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Humanity’s lifeblood is its relationships. And we need stronger, deeper, more genuine relationships with each other and with ourselves now more than ever before. From the pandemic to explosive, non-stop social media, authentic connectedness feels almost antiquated.

We used to learn how to read another person’s body language, follow the tone of their voice, even the tiniest subtleties in their facial expressions through real life interactions - and the connections we made were almost instantaneous. Now we have instantaneous communication in the palm of our hands. We can send a quick text without a second thought. Or we take our time writing and rewriting a message until it’s ‘perfect’. But sometimes what we write isn’t perfect.

It’s fake.

We’re not showing people our true inner selves, we’re only letting them see what we want them to see. We hide our true selves, which makes it harder and harder for us to have meaningful interactions face-to-face.

Am I saying we should ditch our cell phones and deactivate our social media accounts? Of course not. What we DO need is to spend less time curating an image of our ideal selves and spend more time becoming our best, truest selves.

Discover Your True Self: Embrace Authentic Communication and Build Stronger Relationships with the Help of a Relationship Catalyst


That starts with authentic communication. Communication is the foundation of all relationships. And healthy, authentic communication is the foundation of a healthy, authentic relationship. Sadly, there’s not a lot out there which teaches people about how to tune out the rest of the world and hear their inner voices. How to communicate with their emotional body. How to communicate with their inner belief system.

That’s where I come in. As a Relationship Catalyst, it’s my job to make sure you’re equipped with the right tools to develop those strong relationships we all want and need. We begin by finding the lies told within, where you’re using that ‘perfected’ fake language, and how to confidently speak your truth. If we can identify where we’re lying to ourselves, our communication with others will naturally improve.

This process requires commitment to the self. No one else can do the work for you. I will provide you with a number of tools and techniques to help you throughout your journey towards a deeper, more authentic sense of self. But information without application is useless, we need to integrate information so we can shift necessary change. That truth often intimidates people - change is scary, painful, and uncomfortable. No one likes feeling uncomfortable, and inviting discomfort sounds counterproductive. But when we lean into discomfort we give ourselves room to push through it and grow. The outcome? A new, better version of you.

The you that other people are eager to meet and connect with.

The you that experiences true happiness and joy.

The real you.

Are you ready to get reacquainted with your True Self? Get in touch with me today and I’ll happily introduce you.

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