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With 25 years and counting as an entrepreneur and business owner, as well as 12 years spent in the corporate world, I’ve amassed a breadth of knowledge and experience I aim to share with entrepreneurs today. Through my extensive work with companies such as American Express, Dartmouth College, Hilton, and Sheraton, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the complex dynamics of the business world and have helped numerous organizations to achieve success. Having worked in both the business and private sector, I oversaw sales, marketing, operations, and business development. I’ve been a manager, auditor, senior vice president, sales training manager, and chief strategy officer. One of my key contributions as a Business Catalyst began in the 80s when I started to develop and implement formalized training systems in multiple industries, including:
  • Banking
  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Financial services
  • Education

Experience and Expertise: Empowering Entrepreneurs as a Business Catalyst

Business Catalyst

I also created communication programs and critical thinking-based management development programs. My work has helped organizations to improve their performance by providing employees with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. My innovative approach to training has been highly effective in improving productivity, reducing errors, and increasing overall performance.

As a Business Catalyst, it’s my job to look at a number of different aspects of the business. The vision and mission statement, the organizational structure, human resources, all the way down to the language used in daily operations - the devil’s in the details, or so they say. I love bringing the order out of the chaos and looking at as many different things as I possibly can to help the larger picture. When I work with a business, I work with both the business entity itself and the people who make up that entity.

What kinds of entrepreneurs do I serve? ADD/ADHD entrepreneurs are at the top of my list. ADD/ADHD naturally lends itself to entrepreneurship. Energy, creativity, and a passion for problem solving are all hallmarks of the ADD/ADHD mind. And those traits are essential for entrepreneurs to find success. I am the person who helps those entrepreneurs understand how to maximize their gifts to their fullest potential. Being an ADD/ADHD entrepreneur myself, I have insights that the average business consultant may lack. Combined with my degrees in both business and psychology I have the unique advantage of shared experiences to complement the necessary foundational knowledge.

I also work with owners of spiritual-based businesses. It’s a heavily saturated market, and the abundance of scammers and hostile skeptics make owning a spiritual business particularly tricky. But we don’t need to change minds for you to find success - we need to find minds that are seeking spiritual change.

Having a business is just another kind of relationship. And with any relationship, there are aspects which are functional and aspects which are dysfunctional. As a Business Catalyst, one of the things we’ll examine is if it’s time to bring that relationship to an end. No one should ever own a business that isn't there to fulfill the mission and vision of their soul.

Does your business feel like it’s out of control, losing direction, and not bringing you the joy it once did? If your business is not evolving, it's dissolving. Send me and email or give me a call today, and together we can map what the ideal future for your business looks like.

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