Journey To Greatness Tip #4

Don’t take for granted that which comes easy. Oftentimes, people who are traveling on their path in a centered way are naturally gifted at recognizing other people’s strengths, have a willingness to comment on them, and truly appreciate what others do really well—especially when it’s something they might not do quite so well.

It is often true the people who have the most to “brag” about are the ones who are most likely to put the spotlight on others. That is, if they are secure in themselves and their gifts. If, on the other hand, they can’t stand to have anyone else in the spotlight, it comes from a place of being insecure with who they are, or insecure about their true gifts and talents.

Back to the first part—don’t take for granted that which comes easy. The majority of people dismiss what comes naturally as not valuable, too easy or unimportant, while overemphasizing difficulties, or attributing more importance to something they desire to do but struggle with. This is what leads people to devaluing themselves.

That is why it’s important that—when you are on your own personal journey to greatness—you accurately portray what you are really good at, and do so in a way that helps others follow suit. Be honest with your praise of what people do that you can’t, but not by lessening your own strengths—this strikes a false note. Do you want to help the people around you? Even those who flow in and out of your life? Gain and keep their trust by being authentic and real—no false modesty.

If you can’t find something to praise in someone, it’s because you haven’t looked hard enough. Make greatness contagious.