Journey To Greatness Tip #3

First of all, you can’t know it all. You can think you know it all, and in that case you can stop reading this, because these are tips for people on their journey to greatness—not their journey to full-blown narcissism.

Now, for the rest of us…

You can’t know it all, you can’t even know it all within you area of expertise. You might know a lot, but a lot is not all.

And secondly, you don’t want to know it all. Knowing it all can actually create brain freeze, and in knowing it all, you know nothing. You know that headache you get from drinking a thick, freezing cold slushy or an icy smoothie? Well, that’s what happens. You know so much that your brain freezes, and you induce a headache (not to mention the one you spread to everyone around you as you try sorting everything into something all by yourself).

As you move along your path to greatness, always have a diversified group of mentors and/or advisors. People who are like you, and people who are the opposite of you, but most importantly, people you respect. People who carry their own visions, gifts, and talents that crossover, augment, and expand your own ways of being in or seeing the world. Growth comes through variety. Better ideas and solutions come from a diversity of perspectives, life experiences, and knowledge bases. Diversity is important.

However, a fly in the ointment could arise when—being willing to admit what you don’t know—you find that you’re “wrong” and an advisor or mentor guides you. How can you be guided without giving away your power or giving up your dreams? As long as you can powerfully walk the tightrope, you’ll be fine.

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