ADD/HD & Seeing the Big Picture

Everyone knows ADD/HD has been named the condition of the century, and while most look at it as either a condition or a curse, it is actually a real gift. In the beginning, children and parents can be very frustrated however, with the right approach and management, you can help your child turn not only into a very successful person, but into a real advantage for the whole world.

There are plenty of people who suffer from ADD/HD and have refused medication. If you have not figured it out until now, medication is a major restriction for people who have ADD/HD. Medication can lead to disastrous things and if you have ADD/HD or if you have a child with ADD/HD, you should look at your options. Medications will render your child manageable; however, these medications often times take away the very abilities that make your child the bright, energetic, active and very intelligent child he or she may be.  There are many cases of very successful people who have managed their ADD/HD without medication to become truly successful people.

Usually, children who have the gift of ADD/HD can see the big picture. They are not interested in the small, unrevealing details, but they are concerned with what is out there. If the teacher is not well educated about ADD/HD or how to give the right support to your child, you should likely consider changing schools. The way you manage your ADD/HD is very important and should be your number one priority.

If the child’s energy and focus is channeled correctly, you should be able to engage in a creative thought process with them. This might be an important trait for your child. You may not see it right now, but every time the teacher complains about your child not paying attention in school, it may just be that your child is engaging in serious creative thinking and are solving problems by focusing their whole attention to one specific thing. Of course, they have to do one thing at a time, but in the end this is the recipe of success and every parent should know how to nourish and nurture your child’s talents.

When all is said and done, by observing your child’s creative process and watching what they do and how they do it, can result in great successes. You only need to think about Albert Einstein and you will understand that ADD/HD is a gift and it should not be constrained by other people’s views on “normal behavior” or medication. Instead, it should be nourished and nurtured and if it is done right, the results can be simply spectacular.

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