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Empowering individuals towards authentic self-discovery and transformation with Spiritual and Relationship Catalyst methods

My goal has always been to inspire people to be authentic and self-actualized. Yet for decades I was over here in my little corner of the internet, boxing myself in. Allow me to (re)introduce myself - I’m Kevin Ross Emery, professional inspirational catalyst.

The Doctor Was In

For the last couple of decades, I have been known as ‘My Dr. Kevin’. Part of the name was the natural result of obtaining a doctorate degree. Being Dr. Kevin, not Dr. Emery, indicated my approachability, my ability to connect with people, and how comfortable I want people to feel.

Am I an authority figure in my field? Yes.

Am I strict, stuffy, and a fan of jargon? Also yes…in a parallel universe.

The other part of what established me as ‘Dr. Kevin’ is that the kids I worked with loved calling me by that name.

That combination came together as a perfect storm to create the My Dr. Kevin brand. But it was frustrating being known as Dr. Kevin and just Dr. Kevin. I felt like I was boxed in - it reflected a small portion of who I am in reality. The doctor is a part of the whole, whereas Kevin Ross Emery, it's the real deal. It's the big picture.

What’s In A Name?

After I decided to expand all of what I could offer the world, I went back to some of the earliest memories of my childhood. When I was four, my grandmother taught me that being psychic was a gift, and as long as I knew it was a gift, then everything would be okay. Her maiden name was Ross. And it always felt very important to me that I honored her role in my life.

I would go to school and they would ask me, what's your name? And I'd tell them, Kevin Ross Emery. They would still call me Kevin Emery, which, like My Dr. Kevin, is truncating the fullness of me.

My Dr. Kevin will always exist and it's always gonna be a part of me, just like my right hand. But if we only looked at my right hand, how much of the rest of me is missing? Well, let’s see…

The me that earned a degree in Business Management and a Doctorate in Divinity.

The me that developed and taught communication and networking courses.

The me that won my first poetry award at seventeen, and would later win Poet of the Year.

The me that works as a dancer, model, actor, scriptwriter, and songwriter.

The me that created the Wei Chi System of Natural Healing.

The me that worked for companies like American Express, Dartmouth College, and the Sheraton.

Among many, many other mes. That barely scratches the surface.

Kevin Ross Emery wrote all the ADD/ADHD books, DVDs, CDs, videos, courses, you name it., and has been working in that market for 23 years. My most authentic and actualized self; is the spiritual Kevin Ross Emery. I am also the speaker, the poet, the author, the business catalyst, the relationship catalyst. Inspirational catalyst covers it all, both like an umbrella and like a foundation.

What’s Next?

I’m here to achieve my vision, the mission statement of my soul. Which is to say, I’m here to ensure that YOU (yes, you!) achieve your vision and the mission statement of your soul. I'm here to help you, your business, your relationships, become its most authentic and actualized self.

How am I gonna do that?

Through my classes, workshops, courses, one-on-one work, radio show, through the speaking that I do, and -of course- through my books. As I put more content out into the world, the more accessible the gifts I have to offer the world become.

So please look around, click some buttons, I’m sure they'll take you somewhere. As for me? I will take you somewhere you've always wanted to go - to an authentic life and actualized joy.


Your Catalyst for Business Growth, Relationship Success, ADHD Management, and Spiritual Awakening


Business Catalyst - Kevin Ross Emery

I have 40 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, including working with American Express, Dartmouth College, Hilton, and Sheraton. As a Business Catalyst, I have developed formalized training systems and communication programs for multiple industries, helping organizations improve productivity and performance.


Relationship Catalyst - Kevin Ross Emery

In a world where social media dominates our communication, it’s time to reconnect with our true selves and form genuine connections with others. I am a Relationship Catalyst, and my mission is to equip you with the tools to develop stronger and more authentic relationships with yourself and those around you.


Spiritual Catalyst - Kevin Ross Emery

I have been nurturing my psychic gifts since the age of four and wants to empower others to do the same. Since the late 1970s I have been using a diverse range of expertise, such as psychic readings, mediumship, medical intuition, trance channeling, and past life healing work; to help individuals explore their inner selves, heal from trauma, and develop their spiritual potential as a catalyst.


ADD/ADHD Catalyst - Kevin Ross Emery

I believe that ADD/ADHD is not a disorder, but a unique gift that can be harnessed and managed for success. I am a pioneer in this movement, having worked for decades with parents, adults, and couples to leverage their innate talents and abilities. As an international speaker, I have helped to shift the way we see ADD/ADHD and its potential for growth and innovation.